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How to Choose The Best Leather Conditioner for your leather

by firdaws omar on February 12, 2021

How to Choose The  Best Leather Conditioner


is your treasured leather beginning to age?

Are you confused on which leather conditioner to use to bring your leather back to its former glory?


With all the leather care products on the market, Most people are confused when it comes to choosing a leather conditioner.

You spend so much time researching a suitable product and when you finally think you found the right product you ask yourself, is this right for my leather?


We have created an easy to follow guide that will help you choose the right leather care for your leather so you can save time and be confident in the leather care you choose.




In this blog, you will learn

  1. What a leather conditioner does and
  2.  why you need to consider using it
  3. Types of conditioners and their pros and cons
  4. What to look for when choosing  leather conditioners
  5. frequently asked questions




What does a leather conditioner do?


Leather has a natural oil that makes it look nice, shiny and soft. It tends to lose this oil, and if not replaced the leather will look dry and fade.


While the process is slow, it could lead to your leather becoming damaged beyond repair.


When it reaches this stages, it becomes almost impossible to restore your leather, so either you have to live with ugly looking leather, or you can look after it so it will last a lifetime.


Leather conditioner is designed to slow down the ageing of leather.

You can use it on leather furniture such as leather sofas, leather seats.


You can also use it on leather accessories such as leather bags, leather shoes, leather jackets, leather car seats and leather dashboard.


Why should you use a leather conditioner?

There are mainly three reasons why you should use a leather conditioner

  1. To revive old leather

As leather ages, it loses its oil and moisture and starts to lose its lustre. When you see your leather going dry and colourless, then its time to condition it. If you leave it too late, the cracks start to appear on it, and it becomes a bit too late to repair.


2) soften stiff leather

  • conditioning softens the leather and stops the leather from breaking. Your leather should be soft and supple.



3) protect new leather, so it lasts longer

applying a leather conditioner often makes new leather last a lifetime and stops premature cracking.

It also gives your leather a nice sheen.



Types of leather conditioners



When choosing the best leather conditioner for your leather, you need to consider what type of conditioner you need and which one satisfies your needs.


Most people are looking for a leather balm that is easy to apply, there is a catch to this though. If the leather conditioner is easy to apply then it will need more frequent application. This is because products with lower beeswax content are easier to work with.







There are three types of leather conditioners

1) water-based conditioner

2) wax and oil-based conditioner

3) leather wipes


water-based leather conditioner


Water-based  conditioners have a cream-like consistency

usually contains lots of water and little wax.


The main advantage of this type of conditioner is that its easy to apply.



Because it has very little wax, its protection does not last long, so you have to reapply every month.


Wax and oil-based conditioner

This type of conditioner is also known as leather balm or leather wax.

It has a high concentration of wax. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Its protection lasts longer usually 6months.


Products with a higher concentration of beeswax require less frequent application. They usually require reapplication every six months.

But they are harder to apply.


Some companies add solvents or wax softeners to soften the wax, so its easier to work with but solvents are a big no-no in our book, especially if you are a health-conscious individual like us.

Leather wipes

leather wipes are soft cloths impregnated with oil and water. They are high up on ease of application scale, but its protection is temporary, and you will need to reapply every few days to get the protection your leather needs not to mention most companies use silicones and alcohols in the wipes.




Now that you know the types of leather conditioners, we will explain what to look for in leather care products next.





What to look for in leather care?


when choosing leather care you should look at

1) ingredients

some leather products contain unhealthy ingredients that could pollute the air in your home. some ingredients are:





2) leather type

suede, nubuck, pulled or fully aniline leather have special conditioners so check if the conditioner you have is suitable for this

3) durability, 

water-based conditioners use small quantities of beeswax; beeswax is the most crucial ingredient in protecting the leather and improving its look. If the conditioner contains lower amounts of beeswax, then the effect will wear off much quicker. A good conditioner should last at least six months



So what are characteristics of the best leather conditioners?

  • the best leather conditioner contains natural ingredients that won't pollute the air in your home
  • it should be reasonably easy to apply
  • and should last at least six months




Below are the most frequently asked questions


We have included the most frequently asked questions about leather conditioners, so you are well informed in your decision to find the best leather care product.


What does it mean to condition leather?

Conditioning leather means to apply a product designed to restore damaged (but not cracked ) leather, so it lasts longer, stops leather from cracking and improves the look of your leather.

It can also be applied to new leather to protect it.

Is coconut oil a good leather conditioner?

Coconut oil for cooking and eating is not good for conditioning leather.

Why? Because it goes rancid and will spoil your leather in the longterm.

Fractionated coconut oil, however, has been refined so it won't go wrong. It is a better alternative for your leather.

Does leather conditioner soften leather?

Yes, leather conditioners soften leather, making them supple and less prone to cracking.


What's the best leather cleaner and conditioner?


Some products are advertised as both cleaner and conditioner. A leather cleaner is designed to clean the leather of dirt.

You won't apply a face cream without cleaning your face first. It's the same with leather; you wash it first using a leather cleaner, then condition it with a conditioner to get the protection it needs.



We believe in using household products that don’t contain harmful ingredients.

One of the biggest causes of indoor pollution is the products we use in our homes.

Here is an article in the Guardian explaining how household products cause pollution.


Whenever we use these products, the substances they release remain in the air and contaminating our indoor air.

In conclusion, our number one reason for choosing household products is the ingredients list.

If there are no nasties in it then it has our vote.


Do you have questions or comments? please comment below we would love to hear your thoughts. 





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