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Frequently Asked Questions


what are the ingredients of the natural beeswax leather?

Can this be used on faux leather?

Where is this manufactured?

Can this be used on a dog collar?

Is this suitable for all leather types?

this is advertised as balm. The box delivered says conditioner. Are these the same or do I need to re order as I was advised to buy balm for my sofa?


Hi can this be used over chalk paint the same as some of the 'branded' ones? The smell from them is too much for use on bedroom furniture.

Can this be used on a solid (untreated) pine wood bunk bed for 4-year old twins? Is it safe and will it protect the bed as well?

Does this product contain turpentine

Can this be used on laquered wood and is it non silicone?

Hi does this product leave the item feeling sticky?

Can it be used for kids wooden products?

Can this be used on a new coffee table for protection ?