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No Toxic Ingredients

Yellowbees leather polish has the highest concentration of natural beeswax so your finish will last longer and you won’t need to reapply every month saving you time and money.

Yellowbees best leather conditioner will last 6-12months. Apply it to clean leather.

We only use natural oils and beeswax from real bees, so no toxic ingredients that are bad for you and the environment.
We don't use plastic, Yellowbees leather balm comes in recyclable glass jars it's easy to apply following our instructions booklet so you won’t go wrong.

Let our customers do the talking!

We care about you leather as much as you do!
Read what past customers think of Yellowbees leather conditioner:

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Restore Your Leather

leather tends to dry and lose its natural oil with time Yellowbees leather conditioners will put moisture and natural oil back into your leather to make it soft supple and nourished our customers love that.

Yellowbees restores the leathers natural smell!


Yellowbees will restore leather that has faded in the sun back to its natural colour.

It will most definitely remove light scratches from pets and stops further damage with regular application.
We only use natural ingredients that won't pollute your home or harm nature.