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No Smell

Yellowbees wood treatment will put the shine and beauty back to your wooden items.

It does not reek of chemicals the minute you open it and It's easy to apply without causing you endless arm ache.

You don't deserve to spend your day worrying about ugly looking furniture enjoy your home and make it an inviting sanctuary.

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Wood Wax -give your wood a new lease of life with Yellowbees no smell furniture wax


Mineral Oil worktop oil wood oil


Polymerized Linseed Oil | Natural Alternative to boiled Linseed Oil


Worktop Oil Natural Linseed Oil for Wood

Most furniture wax is labelled as toxic to aquatic life

If you are worried about using wood wax made from toxic ingredients, you are not alone. Most brands opt to go for cheap synthetic and harmful chemical ingredients so they can sell it cheaper to the customer.

Most furniture wax is labelled as toxic to aquatic life, Yellowbees uses natural plant-based ingredients that will not cause harm to humans and animals. Plus our wax is concentrated and has the highest content of natural beeswax, so you won't need to use much.

Being natural means our polish does not have off-putting smells associated with your average wood wax.


It is suitable for antique wood, oak, pine, Sheesham, mango,ercol, walnut, rose and most wood. it is also suitable to be used on new wood that needs protection before being used.

Our wax will not leave your wood greasy or sticky, it's easy to apply, just follow the instructions and you won't go wrong! our wood finish will last 6-12 months.