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worktop oil
wood oil on a worktop
infograph showing benefits of Yellowbees mineral oil
Top view of Yellowbees food safe mineral oil

Mineral Oil worktop oil wood oil


Looking for a food-safe mineral oil Approved by British pharmacopoeia?

Yellowbees mineral oil is 

  • Safe near food
  • No smell and no mess
  • Brings back the original look of wood
  • Comes in recycled plastic bottles
  • nourishes and conditions your wooden items preventing them from cracking.

Do you have old wood lying around and collecting dust?

Give it a good clean and 2 coats of mineral oil and bring it back to life.

Have you bought a new chopping board or installed new worktops?

Untreated wood can attract bacterial growth and mould when exposed to damp conditions.

Protect them from damage caused by water using Yellowbees worktop oil mineral oil.

Bored of looking at dull furniture?

Give your wooden furniture a new lease of life with mineral oil wood oil.

Are you a woodworker?

Use this food-safe wood oil on your turned spoons and spatulas.