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refined linseed oil for wood
infograph showing benefits of Yellowbees linseed oil
Linseed oil on wooden cabinet
opening linseed oil bottle

Worktop Oil Natural Linseed Oil for Wood


Most wood oils are filled with toxic ingredients.

Yellowbees linseed oil is filtered and washed with alkali water to get rid of acid impurities. The result is a rich golden oil best for wood finishing.

Our linseed oil has no added ingredients, just pure filtered linseed oil.

Our linseed oil is best for:

Indoor wood

  • Get rid of discolouration
  • It brings out the natural grain of the wood
  • Provides a smooth glossy finish
  • You can apply this product to wood after sanding

Outdoor wood

  • Protect your garden furniture from moisture
  • Prevents sun damage
  • Restores sun-damaged wood

Wooden utensils

  • 100% natural wood oil
  • Safe for wooden utensils
  • Natural worktop oil
  • Does not pollute your home with toxic smells

Wooden Sport equipment

  • Cricket bats

Oil painting

  • Used by artists as paint medium, making oil paints more glossy, transparent and fluid
  • No smell

Yellowbees linseed oil has so many uses!