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Overtime leather and wood lose their natural oils, without conditioning, your leather and wood could be ruined beyond repair.
Don’t be stuck with ugly furniture!

Yellowbees leather and furniture care will put the shine and beauty back to your wood and leather items.

It does not reek of chemicals the minute you open it, and It's easy to apply without causing you endless arm ache.

You don't deserve to spend your day worrying about ugly looking furniture.

Enjoy your home and make it an inviting sanctuary.

Avoid using products that cause an asthma attack at the first sniff

Research shows that air in our homes is ten or in some studies, up to 500 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Several factors contribute to this, but the biggest of them is the products we use in our homes that contain unhealthy ingredients.

Many people with asthma get sick from the fumes that are released from these products.
Like you, we are troubled by this.

Yellowbees is committed to using only natural and safe ingredients that do not make you sick. You don't need to wear goggles or gloves to use our wax! it does not make your eyes watery nor does it pollute the air in your home or cause you an asthma attack.

It can be used by people of all ages including people suffering from asthma. It can also be used in households with little children and pets. So overall a healthy alternative to the toxic products we are used to.

Restore your wood and leather and avoid toxic smells!

If you are worried about using wood wax and leather conditioners made from toxic ingredients, you are not alone.

Most brands opt to go for cheap synthetic and harmful chemical ingredients so they can sell it cheaper to the customer.

Most furniture wax and leather conditioners have labels that state "toxic to aquatic life".

Yellowbees uses natural and safe ingredients that will not cause harm to humans and animals.

Plus our wax is concentrated so you won't need to use much.

Because Yellowbees does not contain toxic ingredients, it does not have off-putting smells associated with your average wood and leather wax.

Our philosophy is to use simple ingredients that won't confuse the customer.


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It is suitable for most wood and leather.

Our wax will not leave your wood and leather greasy or sticky, follow the instructions, and you won't go wrong.
Yellowbees wood and leather finish will last 6-12 months.

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